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The Art of Styling: Zulvanny

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I believe that every stylist brings something unique and fresh to the table. There's no such thing as a competition in this already competitive industry of fashion styling. Being able to work with many talents, I've had the pleasure of working side by side with KL's celebrated stylist to local celebrities, Zulvanny. She came recommended by a celebrity stylist friend of mine Haida Yusof who mentored Zulvanny for many styling projects and took her under her wing. I hired Zulvanny for a job sometime back and one thing I must commend about her is her fantastic work ethics — that and her rugged yet sleek sense of style. I'm always looking forward to see what she's up to and this time, I'm dedicating this post to Zulvanny. Read up on her!

Love, Saerah.

How have you stayed productive during MCO/CMCO? I try to make a daily routine and follow through it. It’s a balance of work/study, rest/leisure and family time. How affected are you by this landemic and how have you been coping professionally?

Because of my nature of work, I am affected greatly. I have a few projects cancelled and postponed because of the MCO. However, I am also still working on some projects which can be done virtually. What is your signature styling?

Edgy with a touch of sleekness and sophistication. What is the art of styling to you? It’s the ability to bring out the best version of an individual through their outfit. Biggest misconception about stylists? That we make clothes hahah (even though it’s partly true). In general, how do you feel your role as a stylist is being treated by the industry? In the beginning, I feel like people didn’t really understand our nature of work and why we are needed. But as time goes by, I notice people starts to appreciate our role in the industry more. When did you get your start as a stylist? In late 2016. I started as an assistant first and worked my way up slowly. This September will mark my 4th year as a stylist What is your fondest memory working with me and Team Styllar? I Assisted Saerah for a project together with Sasha Ivan. It was a really fun and healthy environment to work in, which is very important when you work as a team.

When we work, we play dress-up. L-R: Sasha Ivan, Zulvanny and Saerah.

How do see the future for stylists in the new normal?

I believe in the future stylists would need to find ways to work around the limitations. Virtual styling and digital consultation would be one of the options to sustain the business. Digital is a new way for fashion industry, hence as fashion stylist we need to learn and adapt to it as well. Best go-to look/outfit?

White dress shirt, Tailored trousers and a pair of classic sneakers. You can never go wrong. What is a typical day at work for you? As freelance stylist, everyday would be different. On normal days, I start my day early and check my emails. In the afternoon, I would go about with my meetings, loans/returns, fittings, etc. Some days, I will be on set for hours. Sometime it can even up to 18-24 hours.

Check out Zulvanny on Instagram.

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