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The Art of Styling: Azrul Samzard

I truly believe that every stylist posseses a unique take on style that differs from others. One of the reasons why I love doing work collaborations with other stylists is being able to converge creative ideas from two different perspectives to create one masterpiece.

One co-stylist who's a familiar face in #teamstyllar is none other than Azrul Samzard. Although he's had only a few years of styling experience under his belt, his dedication and passion towards gaining experiences in the industry has made him one force to be reckoned with. He's definitely not one to shy away from hurdles as challenges will only make him grow into a great stylist that he already is fast becoming.

Love, Saerah.


From L-R - Azrul, Saerah and Lynn.

#teamstyllar on set of Club Mickey Mouse Season 3 shoot.

Here is Azrul in his own words on coping during MCO and what being a stylist entails.

How have you stayed productive during MCO?

I usually utilize as much things to do until late night. Besides that, I also did some brainstorming on Pinterest for fashion trends and start messing up my closet.

How affected were you by MCO and how have you been coping professionally?

I dress up a lot in general and it’s not particularly a new thing for this moment during MCO. I think it’s something that brings more of a sense of normalcy. In order to make sure that my day has some sort of routine to it, I pretty much try to dress up everyday, despite being stuck inside.

What is your signature styling?

I love anything with statements. Minimalist and full of colours!

What is the art of styling to you?

The power of getting dressed! There is something nice about looking at well dressed people, a sense of skill that we rarely appreciate openly in everyday life but that always brings a kind of calmness.

Biggest misconception about stylists?

Some clients always think that we own loads of clothes and they will be contacting us a day before to get styled for a shoot/event, which is SO impossible as we need at least few days to prepare for the looks.

In general, how do you feel your role as a stylist is being treated by the industry?

Working in a fashion industry is not like Devil Wears Prada. Everyone I have ever worked with in fashion has been nothing but supportive and helpful. It is a competitive industry, yes, but it’s not intimidating, people want you to succeed. Stylists work really hard, this something a lot of people don’t realise.

When did you get your start as a stylist?

Back in early 2018, I started assisting one of KL's stylists, Naz Living A Style. And that's how I'm became one. I must say that I gained a lot of experiences from him during our working times together. Not only the fashion PRs, from how to do loanings, arranging returns, keeping an eye on budgets and also fashion tips & tricks.

What is your fondest memory working with me and Team Styllar?

The Club Mickey Mouse Season 3! We had to source out for the different clothes, costumes and accessories for the different episodes. It was pretty intense but seeing the outcome makes you feel proud of yourself and the rest of the team.

How do see the future for stylists in the new normal?

Right now, especially with everything that’s happening, we’re going to be extremely cautious with what we put on our models/clients. Regularly sanitizing the accessories will be the new normal. There’s definitely going to be a change in etiquette on set, that’s for sure! There will not be a lot of people on set, just the essentials. These are definitely going to slow down the process, but we can get back to normal.

Best go-to look/outfit?

An oversized shirt with tracksuit/ripped jeans. Basically, anything oversized!

What is a typical day at work for you?

A typical day for me can consist of putting vision moodboards to create an outline of the looks that I want to create for the clients. I also may spend time doing researches online, shopping for designer collections and also retail websites to find out what's fresh and new in the fashion market and where I can get them. From there, I can create a shopping list and start blasting out emails to those retailers or designer houses to borrow or purchase the clothes. Other than that, I may spend some time prepping the clothes which may consists of steaming, ironing, removing dirts, just making sure the garments are free from imperfection.

I heck out Azrul on Instagram here!

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