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The Art of Styling: Lynn Chin

Hello friends of Styllar!

(virtual wave)

Welcome to the third installment of The Art of Styling series where we talk to fashion stylists in the industry who have been friends of Styllar. These are the people who I believe will carve new paths within the world of fashion styling in Malaysia and I'm glad to have been a mentor to them.

You've read all about Yasmin, from our previous blog post. She is someone so dear to my heart as she has been with me from the start and she practically watched my daughter grow up from a shy toddler to the talkative jokester that she is today.

This time, I'm dedicating this post to another dear friend and my twin in fashion, Lynn Chin — also a familiar face from #teamstyllar. She's been a great co-stylist working side by side with me. Her style is immaculate matched with her great sense of colour and pattern coordination. She's not afraid to speak her mind and through fashion, she finds a place of self expression without uttering a word. Although Lynn is no longer active with Styllar, we still keep in touch just like old friends do. Here is Lynn, speaking her mind on topics about styling and fashion.

Love, Saerah.


From L-R - Yasmin, Lynn and Saerah.

How have you stayed productive during MCO?

Ive been very busy with work during MCO 😅 zoom meetings + daily job tasks & the team was preparing for the launch of our ecommerce platform -

How affected were you by MCO in the beginning and how have you been coping professionally?

I guess it didnt really affect me in a way because i can work remotely, and have discussions with my teammates through zoom. However, it's a bummer for not being able to dress up for work. 😂 Everyday was just t-shirt and shorts kinda day.

What is your signature styling?

My sister always says im a little edgy when it comes to dressing. I guess my style changes every year and this year I'm into street chic and have been pinning a lot of images from pinterest on how to style different pieces of clothing in my wardrobe!

What is the art of styling to you?

Fashion styling is all about creating outfits and fashion imagery based on a concept. There's no right or wrong method in doing it, sometimes the least expected items make the best style. 😉

Biggest misconception about stylists?

That fashion stylists are magicians. Thruth is, we need time to scout for clothes 😂

In general, how do you feel your role as a stylist is being treated by the industry?

Sometimes, I feel stylists are not being respected for what we do and it's quite saddening to see that people hire us for what we do best but still have doubts in our profession.

When did you get your start as a stylist?

I started my first job as a freelance stylist with Saerah Ridzuan - the founder of Styllar and i remembered clearly, it was for Max Factor.

Actually, I started to know more about styling back when I was working as a content executive in Fabspy and Saerah has been my mentor since then. ❤️ When the whole creative team left Fabspy, we've gathered a few times to do fun shoots together.

What is your fondest memory working with Saerah and Team Styllar?

I'll never forget all the jobs we did for Disney in Malaysia & Hong Kong.

Another fond memory I had with Saerah was the road trip down to Johor for Fatin Afeefa's music video. Although, some of the looks turned out quite disappointing, we ended up paying for some of the clothes, but I really enjoyed the time when we talked about our favourite music and guys we met in our lives. 😂😂😂

How do see the future for stylists in the new normal?

Stylists might have to start wearing face shield for precautionary purposes. 😂Jokes aside, I guess for now, a lot of jobs might get cancelled still because people are still afraid and want to take extra precautions. It will take some time for the fashion industry to be better again.

Best go-to outfit?

White shirt or white t-shirt with jeans.

Check out Lynn on Instagram!

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