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The Art of Styling: Maizatul Yasmin

If age is just a number and a social construct, then experience doesn’t always come with maturity. Even the young and feisty, can claim to have a vast ocean of knowledge. This is true of Team Styllar’s, Maizatul Yasmin. Don’t let her sweet demure fool you, as she has killer fashion instincts. Drawing inspiration from fashion icons like Luanna Perez, Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner, Yasmin is often spotted in understated yet effortless indie rock styles. Her role as a co-stylist often includes working side by side with Saerah to come up with looks, prepping wardrobe and accessories, collecting garments from designers, shopping (including at thrift stores), DIY-ing clothes and at times, even as a stand-in hand model.

After graduating, Yasmin found herself thrown into the world of fashion. Along the way, she crossed paths with Styllar’s founder, Saerah Ridzuan. And the rest, as they say, is history. Some of her more notable works include Styllar’s first major project — styling the cast of Disney’s Club Mickey Mouse Season 1.

Getting to know Yasmin, it’s clear that she exudes subtle confidence. Fashion can be an extension of one’s personality and the options are limitless. All you have to do is try.


When did you discover your passion for fashion?

It all started after I enrolled in college. I used to be a plain jane in high school. My sense of fashion at that time sucked!

After that, I thought to myself, “You need a big change, ASAP”. It was time for me to grow up, I guess. From there, I found my passion for fashion and it has been this way ever since!

How did you start working with Styllar?

I was kind of “thrown” into working with Styllar. Honestly, I never imagined myself to be a stylist/assistant stylist because I never knew how it works. But I’m glad that Saerah gave me the chance to try. I’ve been lucky to get countless opportunities to pursue my passion in fashion.

What’s the best thing about being a stylist?

The free clothes! Just kidding! The best thing would probably be the chance to meet lots of new people, making new friends, and the experience. I never thought that I’d go through all this before but it opened my eyes and widened my horizons.

Team Styllar with Malaysian artist, Yuna (L-R: Yasmin, Lynn, Yuna and Saerah)

Plus, we get to go shopping like crazy! The job is always exciting and not like an ordinary 9-to-5 office job. There’s always something fun going on.

What’s the biggest struggle you face as a stylist?

Sometimes, it’s the super long work hours. At other times, it’s the fact that we are often under-appreciated. People don’t really see what goes behind all the glitz and glamour of fashion shoots and shows.

Pulling off a fashion shoot is not as easy as it seems

There’s also the challenge of meeting our clients’ expectations. It can be stressful. But, hey, we love a good challenge!

What is a typical day at work for you?

Waking up at 4 am to reach set location on time and then prepping clothes and accessories for the shoot. There's also a lot of waiting during work so I guess the waiting game is typical.

Name a favourite clothing item/style that you can’t live without.

Basics! We all need basics in our closet. And also rare, vintage pieces.

If you weren’t a stylist, what would you have ended up doing?

Probably working with a TV station as a backstage crew.

Yasmin would have worked backstage as a TV crew but she's rocking the styling game now with Saerah

How do you stay inspired during this MCO?

Read, read, read! Books, articles, magazines, anything really.

Also, it’s important for me to stay in touch with family and friends. They keep me going.

Best app to edit photos.

Lightroom, VSCO.


If there’s anything we can learn from Yasmin, it’s that sky’s the limit. You never know when an opportunity comes knocking at your door. So when life gives you lemons, dress up and don’t be afraid to chase your dreams!

Check out Yasmin’s looks on her Instagram!

Words by Denise Lee @createbythemissnise

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